Invited to minority event - good sign?

<p>I applied to Brown RD and got an email today inviting me to an event in my area about university life for minority students at Brown. I was just wondering if they specially select people to attend these events (i.e. candidates they’re considering) or is the invitation sent to all minority applicants in the area? I just thought that events that occur after the application deadline are usually to urge accepted (or likely to be accepted) students to attend the school.</p>

<p>well I got one too, but I don’t think it’s anything special.</p>

<p>My experience is that between Jan. 2 and March 30 Brown does one thing, and one thing only, to suggest that any students have a greater chance of acceptance, and that’s sending out likely letters. Other than that, Brown wants all students to learn at the same time whether they’ve gotten in. Plus, the vast majority of applications haven’t been reviewed, so any attempt to single out students most likely to be accepted would be difficult. So, no, I wouldn’t put any weight on this invitation - I don’t think it suggests anything.</p>

<p>My DD received one as well. Thought it was a nice touch, but agree that I don’t think it means too much.</p>

<p>However, I do think it is a good idea to attend if at all possible if you really want to go to Brown. Sometimes admission reps are there, and it can be another way for them to put a “person” with a folder. (and you to get to know the adcom person for your area if you are lucky.) Brown does these mainly to help increase their minority matriculation rate, as minority students seem to be more likely to turn down an acceptance of a (potentially) more expensive school like Brown for many different reasons.</p>