IOE at michigan

<p>i know it's a top program in the nation, but any personal experiences with it? easy to get involved in research, find internships, get a good paying job upon graduation? anything you know about IOE would be helpful!</p>

<p>I'll ditto the question, and add...</p>

<p>How is IOE easier than the other majors? Is the average person in it substantially dumber than in other majors? Is it curved higher? What?</p>

<p>i'll bump the question...</p>

<p>IOE is one of the easier engineering majors to concentrate on. Grades are a bit inflated [just easier to get better grades] and the classes aren't rigorous.. However, I wouldn't consider the average IOE student dumber. They just have a different mindset that's a bit engineering and business put together. </p>

<p>IOE research itself is not as large as other engineering majors but they do have some operations engineering, financial engineering etc. Its always possible to find research in other fields if you wish. Finding an internship and getting a good job is just the michigan standard. Do decently well in school, get involved, and it should be fine. Really depends on the student.</p>

<p>Grades are way inflated for classes that fall into the ergonomics category and those classes are such a joke...</p>

<p>There are certainly hard classes like the 500 level financial engineering classes open to seniors or anything stochastic or calc based probability everything on the operations research side except for the 200 level classes are rigorous.. but it is so easy to avoid those classes a bunch of people simply take all ergonomics classes (you can specialize after 300 level).. which I find incredibly boring and worthless...</p>

<p>Is the average person in it substantially dumber than in other majors?
As an IOE major myself, I have to agree with this statement. The "median" person might not be dumber but the average person is definitely dumber due to the fact that there are a bunch of bottom-feeders at the end of the foodchain who cant cut it in any other engineering disciplines and switched to IOE</p>

<p>would you say that IOE ergonomics concentration is easy as Psychology?</p>

<p> it's all relative... but it's FAR from being like an LSA non-science major even if you were to concentrate on ergo</p>

<p>are the IOE advisors helpful? my advisor gave me some names to go to and supposedly they could help me get into some research? if i'm thinking about grad school, i need to get involved. i don't know what area i want to go into. i've gotten involved in nothing this year...</p>

<p>So are the harder classes (I'm not going to college to take all boring easy classes...) curved really low making them hard, or is it just the smartest people?</p>