IOE Tech Electives Over Summer/Spring Semester

<p>Does anyone know what IOE classes are offered in the summer/spring semesters? Also does anyone know what non-IOE engineering courses are offered over the spring/summer? I.E:</p>

<p>ME 211, CEE 211, ME 240,EECS 270, EECS 314, BiomedE 458
ChemE 230, ME 235,NERS 211, CEE 260, CEE 265
MSE 220, ME 382 , EECS 280</p>

<p>I am having trouble finding this information online and they have not updated the course guide with this info yet. I would love to graduate this year instead of having to go through the Fall semester! Thanks!</p>

<p>eecs 280 is almost always offered in one of spring/summer semesters i believe</p>

<p>EECS 280 will always be offered in spring. I think EECS 270 is usually offered in spring as well. I think EECS is the only department that offers spring classes, but that might be wrong/outdated information.</p>

<p>There’s pretty much no summer classes, so give up on that.</p>