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<p>So there is a very high possiblity that I may be attending University of Iowa next fall. I've heard and did research myself finding out that its a really great college town. With that said, what are examples of things one can do in Iowa City... such as the downtown. I also was specifically interested in any museums,concerts, and theaters( plays), events etc... that take part in the city.</p>

<p>Recently visited, found out the old downtown mall is now just shops. Thats a minus. And Hancher auditorium was flooded so bad that it hasn't reopened? However, the downtown is great with music on the weekends (when its warm), vendors, small boutiques, coffee, bakery, pizza and don't discount the Big 10 crazy athletic atmosphere.</p>

<p>whoops, meant the mall is now just offices</p>

<p>CoolBreeze- I'm in the same situation as you. There's a good chance I'm going to Iowa next year, I saw the town, but still want some more information on it. I hear bars are a somewhat big part of student life, but you have to be 19 to get in.</p>

<p>musuems and concerts - about every other weekend there's something playing at the Englert Theatre. On Friday nights, during the summer, there's a group playing music downtown. Local bands play at the Picador or the Yacht Club or other places in the area. You'll hear about them when you're there.
Plays - there's a small theatre group (which i can't think of the name right now) that usually puts on a few plays throughout the year. During the summer, there's Shakespeare in the park.
There is a lot of drinking and partying, and you do have to be only 19 to get in to bars. Football games are really important, and not a lot of people care about basketball.
Old Capitol Mall isn't very popular any more. Most people just shop downtown in the stores or go to the Coral Ridge Mall or Sycamore Mall.</p>


<p>Miniemetoo & Coolbrezze-</p>

<p>As a Iowa City native I'd be more than happy to give some advice. It is true that Hancher Auditorium was flooded and that the bar scene is very prevalent. As for Old Capitol Mall, you are partially correct. Many large section of Old Capitol Mall have been converted into offices for the University of Iowa- downtown real estate is at a premium. However, sections of Old Capitol have been refurbished in order to serve as the School of Music There are tons of specialty shops not only in Old Capitol but also downtown. Some of the best food in the metro can also be found downtown. Commercial shops and restaurants can be found at Coral Ridge Mall, which is accessible by bus from the UI campus. </p>

<p>Museums- UI has the Natural History Museum and Art Museum on campus. I am not sure where they reloacted the Art Museum pieces. Last I heard they were at the Figge Museum in Davenport- a good 60 miles away.</p>

<p>Events- While most popular public events in Iowa City (Summer of the Arts) happen during the summer, there are also multiple opportunities during the academic year. Popular events include: The 10,000 Hours Show, Dance Marathon, Friday Night Concert Series, and more.</p>

<p>Theatre/Concerts- While events such as Broadway shows (which we have had our fair share of: Mamma Mia, Avenue Q, Cats, Spamalot, ect) cannot perform in Iowa City due to the lack of Hancher, many theatre activities still go on- even ones organized by the Hancher Box Office. Multiple venues offer concerts and theatre to the public: The Riverside Theatre, Englert Theatre, West High's Auditorium and City High's Opstad Auditiorium. (The high schools allows Hancher to rent their buildings)</p>

<p>I hope I was able to give you an idea of Iowa City. Email me if you have any more questions.</p>

I hope I was able to give you an idea of Iowa City. Email me if you have any more questions.


Thanks I'll be sure to keep this as an option.</p>

<p>The student group Scope brings a lot of great bands and artists on campus. For hawkapalooza they had a free lupe fiasco concert right next to the IMU. Also this year I've seen anberlin, taking back Sunday, and Fun</p>

<p>Also third eye blind, wilco and the temptations!</p>

<p>Any more reviews?</p>

<p>Here is an article ranking Iowa City at number two for Best Small Places for Buisness:
#2</a> Iowa City IA -</p>

<p>According to other articles, Iowa City was also ranked this spot for last year.</p>

<p>One of the few set of pictures I've found online of UI/ Iowa City out of interest:
Thinking</a> about Iowa City? Here are some pics if anyone's interested (Des Moines: best town, crime) - (IA) - City-Data Forum</p>

<p>Coolbrezze -- thanks much for posting this link -- great pictures!</p>

<p>Very interesting!! Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Yeah I thought many would enjoy to see them. There were other great pictures online I've discovered though at the moment I can not locate them.</p>

<p>Surfing the web and came across a group of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City pictures.
I thought many on cc would enjoy to see the iowa city pictures.
Here is the link:[url=<a href=""&gt;]Cedar&lt;/a> Rapids, IA (+ Iowa City) - SkyscraperPage Forum<a href="Iowa%20City%20pictures%20start%20with%20the%20picture%20viewing%20the%20numbers%20B12345%20or%20just%20start%20from%20the%20last%20picture%20provided%20and%20gradually%20move%20up">/url</a></p>

<p>Coolbrezze, thank you very much for sharing these photos! Taken in combination with the other set you recently posted a link to, plus all the photos and video from The University of Iowa web site, it provides an excellent view of the campus and of Iowa City. </p>

<p>While I am at it, BeastMan, thank you very much for posting that link to the parent newsletter recently!</p>

<p>If I find any other possible helpful sources I'll keep posting.</p>