Iowa Vs Iowa State Pre Med

<p>Hello! Im having a horrible time deciding between these two. Isu will offer me a $5000 scholarship while I might get a $2000 one at Iowa.
Im planning on applying to med school and would like to have a major that I can fall back on. One of the ones im cosidering is Biomedical Engineering at iowa. It interests me.
Isu doesnt have this. I hear engineering would e a bad choice though because its hard to maintain a good GPA :(
I could take the easier route of Bio or chem but I dont know what to do with that if I didnt get accepted.
Isu is about 2 hours closer and many of my friends are goin there while Iowa is far away but not as many friends. Im 2nd in my class.

<p>If you are not from Iowa, neither. Go to your instate flagship (if it is cheaper than ISU) and save some cash for med school.</p>

<p>If you are from Iowa, go to the cheapest one...Iowa State. Save your cash for med school. If you really want Biomedical Eng, then choose Iowa.</p>

<p>Don't over think this. Both are good schools and each sends hundreds of students each year to outstanding grad, medicine, and law schools.</p>

<p>Med school admission depends on your GPA and MCAT scores. Follow Haystack's suggestions.</p>

<p>The classes that make up the pre-med series are requirements for a lot of different majors. Or, if they aren't specifically required for that major, they are really useful. Don't just think of Biology and Chemistry. Take a look at some other majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Human Sciences at ISU. Maybe Animal Science or Human Nutrition would work for you!
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<p>I am from Iowa. A little town called west bend. So isu would be the right choice? And if I do go there I'm guessing engineering would not be the way to go. At Iowa they have BMe which interests me but would it hurt my gpa? Is there any advantage to Iowa since there is a med school there? I'm leaning towards isu now but Iowa still interests me. Everyone says Iowa is the right choice because of their program but haystack says it doesn't matter? Ahhhh!</p>

<p>I know West Bend, was bitten on the finger as a kid by a swan at the Grotto many years ago.</p>

<p>Undergraduate institution won't matter in this case, no advantage to choosing Iowa over ISU. </p>

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<p>Ames and Iowa City have very different feels to them. Nothing wrong with visiting both cities and campuses to see what you think. But honestly, if there is a difference in cost, you truly can choose the one that will be less expensive for you. It will be ok.</p>

<p>Even though ISU doesn't offer biomed engineering, you could always major in a field like electrical engineering and then do a master's elsewhere in biomedical engineering.</p>

<p>Hmmm alright! I only am choosing isu because it has a better program. Since my ultimate goal is med school I want a good fallback in case I don't get in. With that in mind should I major in an engineering field with bio minor? Or the other way around? You guys have been great help by the way! :)</p>