Iowa Young Writers Studio 2020

Hi everyone! I’m trying to apply to the Iowa Young Writers Studio this year. Any advice/thoughts from past attendees of this program would be appreciated, as would students who are applying too.

I have a specific question: In the submittable page, it asks for academic and extracurricular interests. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to just list interests, or talk about them in a paragraph or something longer?

Hiii, I wasn’t super sure about that either (although submissions are over now anyways, so I guess we all did our best from our own intuition, haha). What I ended up doing was doing a brief, one-sentence description for each activity.
Also, I’m super nervous for the results coming April! If the summer camp actually ends up taking place, that is… especially with the outbreak of COVID-19, not sure if any writing summer camps will happen this year.

Heyy just got in! anyone else this summer?

yes! session 1?

@mr250100 yep! maybe we’ll see each other online

Has anyone else not received an email yet?

@guitarguy719 i’d email them. afaik they sent out all emails at 8:40 PST ish.