Anyone here in Iowa? Cedar Rapids in particular. Are you okay?
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My lad and I were remarking today that it’s amazing how long it’s taken Iowa to make national news. One week! If what happened there had happened on the east or west coast it’d have been continual news for a bit. We also mused whether it finally tipped the bar because it supplies so much of the US’s food and that got people’s attention (will prices rise?).

Then we wondered if any reporters had to look up where Iowa was on a map. (Joking with that, but still…)

The reporters were all there in January and February for the caucuses, along with all 437 Democratic candidates. They come back every 4 years but otherwise stay away.

1/3 of the corn crop, 10 million acres, was flattened. Lots of property damage. Much of the crops will have had federal crop insurance.

When did straight-line winds become commonly known as derechos? The first I remember was the one in the mid-Atlantic in 2012. Before that they didn’t seem to be called that in the general press, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

My neighborhood was hit with straight line winds 2 years ago. A shocking amount of damage. We still have lots of trees that still need to be removed but there is only some much time and so much money.

I first heard the word derecho in 2011 when Iowa had one, then, too. I live in Iowa and have several family members in the CR area. It is only 20 miles or so from Iowa City, where the University of Iowa is.

All 16 of the public schools in CR have roof damage. They don’t know when school will start, if it will be online or in person. The August 10 school board meeting was cancelled due to the storm.

Federal crop insurance will help, though no one will get 100% of their losses from the insurance.

There is still power and internet outages in central Iowa, also. Ames (where Iowa State is) was hit hard. People there are just now getting their electricity on.

Internet can not be fixed until electricity is fixed. Many people are just now getting electricity, internet will be awhile.

And, that is one reason it took awhile for anyone outside of Iowa to really know how bad it was here. The local news outlets were having a hard time telling anyone without electricty or internet. Other than that we are Iowa.

If a level 2 hurricane had hit the east coast, we would have known as it was happening. A level 2 land hurricane hit us and no one really pays attention.

We were fortunately on the edge with some wind and some rain, just took about an hour of picking up sticks in the yard after. My DD in the Des Moines area had her workplace out of electricity for a week. Other family without for a few or several days.

Very glad our county wasn’t really damaged. Sure, a lot of farmers have crop insurance, but DH hauls the harvest in and if he had no customers with crops it would definitely hurt.

I have relatives on both my mom’s and dad’s side who farmed in central Iowa. It’s beautiful country. What a horrendous storm.

I live in central Iowa and ironically August 10, when the derecho hit, was my birthday!

The sirens sounded about 20 minutes before impact. The sky got very dark, we turned on the news, and in no time at all we lost power and cell service and the winds hit with a fury I’ve never before experienced. They lasted for a very long time, tree limbs were flying and it was absolutely terrifying. They’re saying it was equivalent to a category 2 hurricane.

Although we didn’t suffer as badly as Cedar Rapids, the destruction everywhere is astounding. Every street is lined with tree limbs and storm debris. Huge trees went down everywhere. The city is supposed to pick up the debris but it will be weeks before that happens. The last I read there are still 50 households without power.

Grocery stores are getting restocked but I’m a bit reluctant to stock up in case we lose power again (some folks who regained power did lose it again). We were luckily among the first to get power back, after 27 hours. Most of my friends waited at least 5 days and one just got power yesterday, after a week. Today I saw 4 electric trucks a few blocks away working on restoring power to a group of houses.

I hope to never experience anything like this again.

Let me add that there was an upside to losing power. With every light out in town we were able to sit in our driveway for hours and see the Milky Way and the Perseids!

My friend in Des Moines Iowa said it was a very bad storm about 3 miles from her but only rain where she was.

@bajamm @bjscheel @martharap I’m glad you and your families are all well (no one hurt). I also hope electric, properties, and other destruction can be fixed as soon as possible. Sending hugs and best wishes from here.

My sister in Jackson County is hosting her CR daughter and three grandkids while that son-in-law continues to work an essential job. Her CR son & family hung tight in CR until the weekend when they went to an aunt’s in Lee County. I don’t know how soon they will head back to CR. My sister in Clinton County just got her power back yesterday, but had the good fortune to have a generator in her garage so she kept her freezer going. My sister in Lee County had no bad weather whatsoever. My aunt in Iowa City lost her cable, but kept her electricity.

And it turns out “derecho” is an old term. From Iowa no less!

I’ve seen coverage of this since it happened but that’s probably because I’m in Kansas City.