iPod Question

<p>If you configure your iPod for disk use, can it also be used to play music? Lets say i put a word document on the iPod to use on another computer. Can I listen to music on my iPod when the word doc is on there?</p>

<p>sure but if you put it on shuffle and it goes onto the word document you wont hear anything.</p>

<p>Heh, no, it doesn't have any effect on your iPod's music playing ability if you put any kind of file in the root directory of your iPod.</p>

<p>just make sure you dont have autosync turned on (or something like that) because if you then plug it into another computer of an ipod user it could screw stuff up bigtime.</p>

<p>no, i have a mini and i can do anything with the music still playing, however turn your autosync off because like ottothecow said if you plug into another ipod users computer there might be trouble</p>