IR graduate: Fletcher,Tufts or Elliot,GW ?

<p>I'm an IR undergrad (senior), and would like to hear from students of Fletcher & Elliot about their school features and evaluations? because I'm an international student, and know little about their reputation, rankings, faculties, alumni networks and stuff, and hope to find answers here:)
i'm specifically looking into MIB at Fletcher and ITIP at Elliot. any suggestions?</p>

<p>Fletcher certainly carries a stronger reputation and alumni network than does Elliot. Fletcher is one of the five elite programs in the field, the others being Johns Hopkins’ SAIS, Georgetowns’ Walsh School, Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, and Columbia’s SIPA. Harvard’s Kennedy School follows those. I would then put GW’s Elliot School and AU’s SIS next, but there is a big difference reputation wise after the first six. The first six are also much harder to gain admittance to. </p>

<p>One big difference is that Fletcher (and others such as SAIS) are pure graduate schools. The Elliot School has a significant undergraduate population.</p>


<p>Do you know anything about international relations at St Andrews University in Scotland?</p>

<p>My son was admitted for undergraduate.</p>

<p>IR at St Andrews is very highly regarded. Outside of the US, the elite names for IR are London School of Economics, St Andrews, and Geneva School of Diplomacy.</p>

<p>I agree that St. Andrews is highly regarded for international studies. As you no doubt know, the British system is different and therefore hard to compare directly to US schools.</p>

<p>Thank you, this seems very helpful!</p>