IR program: UR, OXY, GWU?

<p>I am an International Relations major, transferring from a community college in Texas.
I've gotten accepted to most of the universities I've applied to, but I have narrowed my decision down to these three.
University of Richmond, Occidental, and George Washington University.
(GWU University is the only school that I have not yet received my admissions decision, but I do hope I get into that one.)</p>

<p>The University of Richmond offered me almost full, just one subsidized loan that I will have take out which would bring my total to 5k per year, including room and board.</p>

<p>Occidental College in L.A. offered me a somewhat similar package, except I have to take out a Perkins loan on top of the subsidized loan. I would need to find a way to come up with about $2,500 because Occidental uses the CSS profile, which said that although my parents could not contribute, I could contribute 2,900 out of my own wages I had throughout my last school year (even though I earned less than 6k). Go figure. In total, this school would cost me a little less than 9k.</p>

<p>If I get accepted into George Washington, I am expecting around the same package as Occidental because they also use the CSS profile. However, I am still not sure if I have gotten into this one. I should receive the response by tomorrow, or next week.</p>

<p>I am not sure which school is the best for international relations major. I want to either work for an embassy, be a U.S. Ambassador, or work the U.N. For now, I am inclining toward the URichmond because I would graduate with minimal debt & will brighten my prospects for grad school. Occidental College however, is closer to where I live, and visiting home won't be such a hassle. However, Occidental is less competitive to get into and I would have a quite a bit more debt. It is also a small college. If I get into GWU, I think that would be my best option. I heard their international relations program is quite renowned. However, Occidental has gotten a bit more attention after the news that Obama had attended the school. I have not heard much about UR, but I heard it is generally a very good school. If anyone could give me any insight on any of these schools, or offer me their opinion, I would be so grateful.</p>

<p>If Occidental and GWU are about the same financial package, definitely go with GWU.</p>

<p>How much extra would you have to take out for Occidental and GWU?</p>

<p>I have not yet received the response from GWU, I am just guessing that Oxy & GWU would have similar packages because they both promise to meet need & use the CSS profile.
To go to UR, I would only have to take out one loan, 5,500 subsidized loan.
At Oxy, I would take out 1,200 Perkins, 5,500 subsidized, and am in charge of coming up with 2,900.
I would take out a total of 9,600 to go to Oxy.</p>

<p>So it would cost me 4100 more to go to Oxy.</p>

<p>That's almost double the price; I do realize however that this is hugely discounted.
I am just not sure which one would be best for my major, or my career goals.</p>

<p>I heard Occidental is strong in the IR program and have a good study abroad program. However, UR is an all around better school, or so I've read. It is much harder to get into UR. I'm just not sure if this should be my decision factor, the 4k.</p>

<p>I would also like to add that according to student reviews, UR has a more difficult workload, while Oxy has been describe as below average. I would be more likely to get a high GPA at Occidental, and maybe be able to get into better graduate studies program. But I'm not sure if I'm right in thinking that way.
I also got into Northeastern, but they only offered me 35k out of 52k. and NYU which offered me only 14k out of 54k. Would any of these be worth considering over UR/OXY/GWU? I'm a transfer and would most likely graduate in 5 semester because I am an entering junior.</p>

<p>Between Occidental and University of Richmond , I would choose the University of Richmond, especially if it's cheaper.</p>

<p>Oxy all the way!</p>

<p>Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. :)</p>

<p>However, I would really like to know the particular strengths of either schools. I've been checking out student reviews, acceptance rates, statistics, and other lists.
I don't feel confident enough in the information I have at hand right now to make my decision.</p>

<p>GWU probably has the best IR program out of all these three. However if Richmond is cheaper and you feel like its the best all around school for you, I would go there.</p>

<p>UR and Oxy are so very different in atmosphere that I am surprised you are making the comparison. Forget about IR for a second, and think about what environment you would be happier in.</p>