iResearch vs. Summer STEM Institute

Hello! Would anyone be able to offer any quick advice regarding these programs? Firstly, if anyone has done iResearch in the past, please PM me!

I understand the technical differences (4 weeks vs. 6; $4k vs. 6.5k) but is there any sort of indication as to which program may be better? I am a current junior and after my in-person internships have been canceled, I’m trying to find something of equal caliber for the summer.

This summer is the first time SSI will run, and it’s completely run by students or recent graduates. If I were you, I would consider choosing iResearch since it’s established and more trustworthy. Someone on the forum “prestigious summer programs” briefly mentioned that they attended iResearch Institute and ended up qualifying for ISEF along with their peers. You should PM that person if you’re able to.

@DPConfidential that person wasn’t legit (look at their post history only 4 comments and all are copy paste promoting iResearch)

I declined my SSI offer yesterday, and I accepted the offer from iResearch. When I was accepted, they had a National Geographic documentary that featured Dr. McCalla, which only further cements its legitimacy in my opinion.
The fact that they seem to have deployed a fake user to influence people into signing up for their program definitely isn’t a good look though.

@Highachiever189 Would you think that iResearch Institute also falls under the category of a “money grab?”

Probably not as much because it is cheaper, offers much better financial aid, and it has an actual adult (from what I’ve heard, its been successful in previous years in person)

Does anyone have any concerns regarding the program’s legitimacy? From what I’ve seen, nobody on CC has gotten rejected from iResearch, but there have been rejections to the SSI research program (with only 1 rejection to the bootcamp). I know that the population on CC is not very accurate in terms of acceptances and rejections, but I want to make sure that iResearch isn’t accepting most/all applicants.

In total, I want to make sure that this program is not a money grab and takes time in reading and reviewing applications. I’ve heard of some horror stories regarding SSI and about it being a money grab; I hope that this isn’t the same. Dr. McCalla’s involvement with iResearch does improve its reputation, however.

They don’t give out financial aid to international students I guess

omg i accepted my offer to Iresearch! if anyone did as well we should add each other off snap! i would so love to be friends with the people i’ll be working with and honestly corona cancelled my cancer internship so i feel you

I accepted iResearch as well! I am from VERY rural Mississippi so i dont know if that factored in as much. Can you pm me @Yami417

I was accepted iResearch as well. Can you pm me as well @Yami417

This is Dr. McCalla of iResearch Institute (iRI), I had to respond here with the help of a student when they identified this post. First, iResearch Institute does not have students who will post inaccurate and misleading information on ANY platforms. I have a strong moral compass and specifically will not act in a manner that will harm students. Look at my track record, my research program is successful and continues to be successful, since 2017. We have had both ISEF and Siemens winners come from iRI. Go watch National Geographic’s Science Fair, iResearch Institute is mentioned in the film. In addition, my JHS students know that I give everything to iResearch Institute, no holds barred, they know everything I can share to help students succeed in science research I will share, PERIOD, regardless if they go to school in Long Island or not!! In addition, we give huge amounts of financial support (because we want to build more scientists not just make money…) also watch how well the iResearch Institute 2020 participants do this year in science research. DO YOUR RESEARCH before you believe the hype on social platforms from random individuals. Good skill.