Irish Jitters.....

<p>I have a chance to join my youngest daughter in Ireland this summer at the end of her month long study abroad/ work internship. She invited me and we have been semi planning it for nearly a year. She'll be in Limerick and points south. Now as the time is getting closer I am getting very nervous about it. Her group is busy making arrangements and prepping but I havent made any specfic arrangments yet. </p>

<p>I worry about transportation issues, is there public available? Do I dare attempt to drive? Are the places in the guidebooks, safe and secure for a single woman (or for both of us?) When I read about where to visit I am overwhelmed. I realize some of this is anxiety (which seems worse this year for reasons not related to travel) but I also realize I am traveling alone to a foreign country. </p>

<p>So all that to ask: Any suggestions folks? Any travelers familiar with South West Ireland? Come heck or high water I will drag my chicken self there to be with her (how many times does your 20 year old invite you to partake of her life?) but I would like to feel more comfortable and informed about it......</p>

<p>I think that sounds wonderful! I am so envious- I would love to go to Ireland- some place where I can see other redheads. :)</p>

<p>I know I have mentioned this before, but my 18 yr old drove and traveled in India by herself, they learn to be quite resourceful- I think Ireland will be OK- plus probably many speak English.</p>

<p>Not that I have personal experience from Rick Steves recommendations- but he is very well traveled & seems to know what he is doing.
Rick</a> Steves' Europe: Best Destinations: Ireland
Is</a> limerick a good base</p>

<p>There are also websites dedicated to women travelers
Best</a> Women Travel Websites</p>

<p>I went to Dublin 2 years ago during the summer by myself. I was doing genealogical research and only stayed a few days. (I tacked the trip on to another one I was making for other reasons.) </p>

<p>I can't talk about the Southwest, but I wandered around at night on my own with no problems at all. One benefit of going in the spring or summer is that it stays light outside until very late. </p>

<p>I'd suggest you take a look at tripadvisor for the area you want to visit. </p>

<p>A warning--Ireland was much more expensive than I expected. I did luck out and get a really good deal on a great hotel, but prices were every bit as high as they are in NY. Now part of that may have been the exchange rate at the time, but still...don't expect any bargains.</p>

<p>Rick Steves' books are absolutely fabulous. Pick up the most recent edition of Ireland and the more you read it, the more knowledgeable you'll feel, and thus more comfortable.</p>

<p>Whenever we travel to an area we've never been before, we usually pick up 2-3 books, and time after time again, his books are most helpful. Even better, see if your local library has any of his Ireland videos for checkout. </p>

<p>When we did Ireland, we went north (Northern Ireland) and west, so I can't really help you with info. But we did rent a car - be aware now that if you do rent a car, you will have to purchase the car rental insurance. Ireland is one of like 3-4 countries in the world that your personal car insurance you carry here in the states will not be valid. There is a reason for that... driving over there is an experience you'll never forget. But we did it and are so glad we did.</p>

<p>There really isn't public transportation to get to the places you want to see. One of the cheapest lodging option are the B&Bs. It used to be a paper guide that you picked up from the Irish Tourist Board, but now appears to be online: </p>

<p>Ireland</a> B&B Network - Bed and Breakfast in Ireland Eire - Last Minute Deals late Rooms BB family homes B&B Ireland lodging - Inns Hotels Ireland Accommodation Cork B&B Dublin</p>

<p>I just looked for places that were in the town we wanted and sounded clean. When my husband & I went, a private bath was important to us. You will probably want to book several nights before you leave so you know where you will be staying. We winged it one year and in some areas it was tough to find a place to stay.</p>

<p>Sunnie - older daughter went to Ireland twice by herself. When people at a local pub found out she was traveling by herself they made her their project. They enlisted all sorts of people to take her places and show her around. It was amazing. The second time she went, it was to visit the friends she made the first time. Boy, would I love to go with you!!!!!</p>

<p>Lol EK I never imagined you were a redhead. DD is also a redhead. :) Sunnie I say go for it! Rent a car. You will do fine. As mentioned the worst of it will be how expensive everything is.</p>

<p>Well its decided (mutually) I'm not going this year. She has a packed schedule for the month and needs to return immediately for work. It wasnt practical or desireable that I join her for the last week (wants to hang with her co workers and new friends-understandable). And honestly I dont want to do Ireland without her..... so we're tentatively planning on a return trip summer of 2012 after she graduates. </p>

<p>So my jitters were for naught, and I had worked up my nerve and was already (mentally anyway) on my way........ Surprisely I'm cool with this. So now my summer will be devoted to the shoulder surgery I've put off for over 10 years. Doesnt that sound fun?</p>

<p>So now my summer will be devoted to the shoulder surgery I've put off for over 10 years. Doesnt that sound fun?</p>

<p>No. :p</p>

<p>I am supposed to be scheduling surgery for my hand this summer- the reasoning is that wearing less clothes in the summer it will be easier cause I can just slide my feet into slip on shoes & not have to dink with sock and tying.
But 1/2 the time I convince myself it doesn't quite hurt enough yet- until it does & then I whack myself for putting it off.</p>

<p>I am late to the thread, but Sunnie have fun there next year! Plenty of time to anticipate and study.</p>

<pre><code> Another redhead here.

<p>Ireland is awesome. We first went there on our honeymoon, awhile ago. My husband went back a few years ago with this Dad to do the family reunion thing. We were also going to go this summer but it just is too busy. We are hopefully going next May instead. Southwest Ireland is gorgeous and the people are just so friendly. We love it there and can't wait to get back.</p>

<p>Ok so any parents out there that can advise me as to the phone situation.... called verizon wireless and our phones are not compatible. So I would need to purchase a global phone (which they advise is expensive) etc. They advised that we buy or rent a prepaid phone there with card. Am doing some research now, but its all greek to!</p>

<p>Sorry you can't go this summer. We went in the spring a couple of years ago, and I'd love to go back. Later, when you start planning, check this thread:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I also like Rick Steves.</p>

<p>sistersunnie - almost every kid I know who has gone over to Europe for any amount of time has waited until they got there to purchase a phone... literally, it's almost the first thing they do when they arrive. There are places at what seems like every corner to do this (well, maybe not every corner, but a lot of places). </p>

<p>Or, if your daughter knows of anyone else who has studied abroad and bought a phone they're no longer using anymore, that can work, too.</p>

<p>Check out Skype. We used it to talk to our dd when she was in Argentina. Free and with a webcam we could see her. it was great!</p>

<p>American cell phones don't work in Ireland, but the Internet does. </p>

<p>A couple of years ago, my son went to Dublin for a professional convention. We communicated by e-mail; he did not bother to get a cell phone while he was there because he was only there for a week.</p>

<p>He also said that, in Dublin at least, the bus system is extensive -- but also incomprehensible to an outsider. He was busy most of the time at his meeting -- which was held at the same hotel where he was staying -- so this didn't matter much. When he had free time, he walked or took taxis. But for a longer visit, you might want to research the bus system.</p>