Irrelevant but...

<p>anyone else stressing about AP's? Theyre only a couple weeks away....chem is kicking my ass</p>

<p>im going to sleep during mine</p>

<p>Congratulations on getting in ED. Could you list your high school transcript information-scores, EC's, etc.? Thanks a lot! I ask this question because I wonder how someone with an SAT score under 1400 got accepted. </p>

<p>Maybe your post will add optimism into this forum for everyone to enjoy.</p>

<p>Smithk, that's a rather expensive nap</p>

<p>sub-1400s get in all the time to the ivies¬ódon't stress</p>

<p>1340 SAT
740 US History, 690 Writing, 670 Biology
4.1 Weighted, 3.9 unweighted
EC ..... NHS, SHS, Swimming, other irrelevent clubs
I operate an Animal Adoption Program and i wrote my essay on it.</p>

<p>Just because someone does not have SAT scores over 1400 or perfect GPA, it does not mean that you are not qualified for Columbia or any other elite school. The decision ultimatly lies in the school. No school has ever said that in order to get into the school you need set GPA.....People have taken the range of scores that schools have given out and have just took the totally out of context.</p>

<p>That's great smithk. In addition, you are right. Columbia and other elite schools don't say that you need to have over a 1400 SAT Score in order to get in. The schools decide, not applicants.</p>

<p>I think your animal adoption program made you a unique applicant and may have turned the decision in your favor. Could you describe your animal adoption program in more detail? I would like to know how to start some sort of community service project or extracirricular club, even though I am a junior (better to start something late than never, right?). thanks</p>

<p>Oh, i almost forgot....I hate to ask personal questions, but what is your ethnicity? From reading the other posts on CC, I have read many occasions where non-Caucasian and non-Asian applicants with lower test scores got accepted into elite colleges.</p>

<p>Does Columbia even accept AP credit?</p>

<p>CU's average is barely above 1400, so a little less than half have below a 1400, and probably about 10% or so below a 1300.</p>

<p>AP Calculus is essential. You get 6 points for gtting a 5 on the BC Exam and if you take a Calc III class and get a C or better at Columbia. That saves you 2 years of math for science requirements and gives you more points for you to enjoy more freedom.
Laungauge AP is awesome. Getting at least a 4 or 5 saves you 4 semesters of having to take a language.

<p>Actually if you're premed, you're only required to take one year of math... so with a 5 on BC calc you're saving yourself a year, if you get a 4 - a semester. still pretty good though.</p>