IRS DRT and IRS Transcript questions

FAFSA completed. EFC too high for need based aid so only submitting FAFSA to 1 or 2 schools that require it for merit. When we did the FAFSA we did not use the IRS data retrieval tool. But what are the next steps now? Do we need to get a transcript from the IRS for the schools and is this a difficult process? Alternatively, it seems that you can go back and do the IRS data retrieval too, should we just do that?

Also, it seems that some schools have a “FAFSA Priority Deadline”. Will they accept after this deadline if not requesting need based aid?

Thanks for any advice!

I think it’s easier to use the data retrieval tool than to request a tax transcript. Just do that.

However, if you did something like a retirement rollover in 2019, that needs to be noted on the FAFSA or the rollover amount will be included as income.

If you aren’t seeking need based aid, just make sure you adhere to whatever deadline is indicated for merit consideration at those few schools.

It depends. Every school has different policies with different deadlines and different exceptions. Without knowing the schools, the best advice anyone can give you is “check with the schools.”

You can go on line and get your transcript in minutes. I would recommend having in and make copies. This way you would have it if you need it