IRS Frustration

We were audited in 2015 and it triggered a change on our 2016 return. That happened in October of 2017. We are still waiting on the IRS to process the amended return and because of that we are unable to obtain a 2016 transcript. We were selected for verification. I am sitting here on hold AGAIN for what seems like every week for the last 6 months only to be told “it is in process”…any suggestions?

Tell whoever is asking for a 2016 tax transcript that it’s not currently available to you. You can’t provide what you don’t have access to. Instead, offer to provide copies of any and all 2016 tax documents that were filed.

We tried that and they say it is transcript or nothing

My only suggestion is to go higher in the food chain at the school that is making the request. Hopefully, common sense will prevail at some point…

There are many CPAs, tax attorneys & tax resolution firms that may be able to help for a small fee.

Small update: I am actually talking to someone right now at the IRS who has a desire to help. We are going to see what can be done.