Irvine Psychology and Social behavior

<p>Does anyone know of anyone who has got into UCI Psychology and Social Behavior program with below a 3.0? I will have a 3.5 or something like that from Community College, as well as being a research assistant at a UC Berkeley psychology lab for 2 years by the time I apply. However, because I previously attended a 4 year institution, when those grades are factored in, I MIGHT drop below a 3.0, but I do not for certain yet because I do not know which courses are UC transferable.</p>

<p>I got into UCI with a 3.1, and I'm pretty similar to your situation. (Interesting cause I don't see many on CC, heh.)</p>

<p>Like you I have mixed records; I spent my first year at a private four-year institution and then second at CC. The four-year's difficulty/rigor is so much more than the CCs, but of course the UCs won't acknowledge that. They calculate them as if they're equal. Luckily I still got in, I think you can get in as well esp. since it may be higher than mine. My GPA at the four-year was a 2.74 and my CC GPA was a 3.77.</p>

<p>For figuring out which courses at the 4-year are UC transferrable, I'd consult them in person. They're stubborn and wouldn't let me know even after sending them a nicely-written e-mail with all of my courses and the link to their descriptions on the four-year university's website, or after I asked a different admissions counselor via phone. They said that the only time they examine the courses is when they're reviewing the application. Lame, I know. Hence this is why I would recommend going to their office in person with all courses and their descriptions (written by the 4-year institution; usually can be found on the school's website).</p>

<p>Hope that helps.</p>

<p>Haha thanks Oliver, I have not come across many people either who are in the situation I am in (and you were in). I have tried contacting admissions counselors and even went to see them in person at UC Berkeley (where I am an RA). BUT, since I am neither a student nor have been accepted yet, they refuse to see me. I did get to see one lady but she said I do not want to tell you and then have the review board say something different. </p>

<p>What did you apply for at UCI, and is that where you ended up going?</p>

<p>A fellow PSD-er! :D. This is the major that I am planning to pursue when I (hopefuly!!!!) transfer for Fall 2011 (yeah, still got another yearish...). I'm not in the situation as you two, since I'm just going to a CC for two years. But I'm having som issues too. :/</p>

<p>I would LOVE to sit down with a UCI counselor and talk about grades to current/future class at CC to possible classes at UCI and w/in the PSD major to finanicial aid to, well, everything I guess :P. But I highly doubt they'll do that T.T. I'm just a (very) prospective student, not someone who is already accepted (and going) as a transfer :/. Meh, I just want to plan ahead for as little surprises as possible!</p>

<p>@ jayrod210: Haha, my major is sociology and yeah I'll probably end up going to UCI. If UCSD accepts me on appeal, however, I'm going there. (I find out hopefully by this Friday.)</p>

<p>It really stinks that UC refuses to help beforehand a person in a unique situation that they're eventually going to judge.</p>

<p>@Oliver_Twist "It really stinks that UC refuses to help beforehand a person in a unique situation that they're eventually going to judge."</p>

<p>Seriously... >.< SO lame</p>

<p>@ Oliver Twist</p>

<p>How many credits did you earn at your 4 year and at comm college??</p>

<p>Hi jayrod, </p>

<p>I earned 21 credits at the four-year, and 32 at the community college. How many do you have, and are you going to UCI?</p>