Is 1380 a good score?

<p>I got a 1380 on the October SATs. Whst's REALLY weird is that I got a 690 and a 690. I am sooo much better at math than verbal?</p>

<p>Anyway is this (and my next score will probably be higher) good enough for Ivies w/ good ec's and GPA?</p>

<p>depending on your gpa and ec's you might have a good shot at the lower ivys but it would be a reach for the top ones such as harvard and yale.</p>

<p>ok, my GPA is a 4.2 and i have a lot of good, solid ECs... </p>

<p>but a 1380 isn't completely "out" at any good school?</p>

<p>obviously Princeton is a reach (also my top choice!) but i think i can get over a 1400 on the next one</p>

<p>1380 is good but if you can get 1380, you can get 1400+ if you study really well.</p>

<p>hey, i personally think that 1380 is awesome! it's in the 95% percentile. i may be a tad bit biased, however, because that is the score i got. :) i am not sure if these are ivy league scores (i'm not applying to any), but they are still really good.</p>

<p>hey man... if you think you are better at math than verbal yet got the same score inboth.... RETAKE>... but study for the math ANYONE can get 800 math (that is smart i guess.... lol...) if i can i think anyone can .... iam pretty dumb and i got 800 math its jsut a bunch of tricks that they hide you can SO study for them... lol its hilarious...</p>