Is 1600 a bad score in exchange for little preparation?

I know there are many faults in this question, as I most definitely should of prepared more and earlier (I spent maybe a total of 1.5 to 2 hours of reviewing) and 1600 is already low in itself, but I wanted to cancel and reschedule my test date (my school finals laid perfectly in the week before and after the test) and my parents wouldn’t pay for the cancellation fee. I did the best in CR (560), Math (530) and the lowest in Writing (510) (which is surprising because I was very confident after completing the writing section!), but considering I didn’t prepare much and most of my preparation was managing the time given for each section, is it safe to say my score isn’t too bad and I can (hopefully) significantly improve it in the fall? Oh yeah, I’m also from Canada, so the June 6 time error didn’t affect me. Thanks, and any answer is appreciated!