Is 17.5 credits a lot?

I’m a freshman, and this spring I am taking 17.5 credits. I took 13.5 credits last semester, and I think I handled it well. It was hard in the beginning, but I quickly adjusted and it became a breeze (only my exam grades were my main concern in 2 courses).

Do you think I should consider dropping one class since this is more work than last semester? Is this normally too much for a freshman? I’m trying to increase my GPA for the Kelley Honors requirement, and I’m afraid the stress of taking 7 classes could bring my GPA down. I’m also taking BUS A-100 this semester which is supposedly a difficult course.

I have a pretty good work ethic, I almost never procrastinate, and I study hard. However, I don’t like being stressed, and I’m trying to get more active in extracurriculars too. What do yall recommend I do?

It depends on the student. It sounds like it’s not a great idea for you. Drop a class.


I would say if you feel that you are going to be stressed out because of too high of a work load, I would recommend that you drop one class. From what you said about yourself, I think you could complete the 7 classes, but you might just burn yourself out. You would still be on track with 6 instead of 7, so it may be worth while just to save your mental health.

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