Is a 1910 high enough?

<p>Live in upper New York State
UW GPA~3.8
SAT superscore= 1910 (M-660 CR-610 W-640)
SAT subject tests= Lit-680 World History-640
Total of 6 APs taken throughout high school</p>

<p>ECS: been a serious gymnast since the age of 6
Lots of volunteering over the years
tutor kids in my high school
NHS member
Spanish honor society member
many others but too lazy to list haha</p>

<p>I cannot afford to take the SAT over again
Considering my essays and teacher recs are good do you think this score will be acceptable at the following schools: (based on numbers since my ECS are very reflective of all of them)
SUNY Buffalo, Villanova, Northeastern, UConn, NYU, SUNY Binghamton, Boston College</p>

<p>your in in uconn, both SUNY's, but NEU, Villanova, and BC will still be very difficult to get into. chance me please</p>