Is a 25 a good score for a 6th grader?

<p>I'm waiting for my end of year 10th grade ACT scores and I noticed on the ACT website they had my scores from 6th grade.</p>

<p>English- 26
Math- 25
Reading- 29
Science- 19 (BS-ed this as I realized 'I'm in 6th grade, there is no way I am reading these graphs)</p>


<p>Is this good for a 6th grader? JW would they be good for me now?</p>

<p>Why would your 6th grade ACT scores matter to you if you're a 10th grader now? You must have scored higher since then.</p>

<p>25 is too low for competitive colleges, but it's a good score for a sixth grader.</p>

<p>Yes, it is good, good job.</p>

I know. I was just wondering. I think 25 would get me into MSU, my parents' pick and I guess my saftey. It would be a load of pressure off if I could get into MSU with my 6th grade scores lol. I definitly scored higher this year though.</p>