Is a 3.87 unweighted gpa, 35 ACT, and 10 APs good enough for ivy leauge?

I got 4 Bs total, rest all As. 3 of the Bs were from first semester freshman year, and other one in first semester sophomore year. All 4s and 5s on AP exams.

I’m assuming you’re a junior or senior, so it seems to be that your grades have improved, which is a good thing. All 4s and 5s on 10 AP exams are excellent (and I’m sure this means you’ve achieved AP Scholar with Distinction and National AP Scholar), and a 35 ACT is higher than the median scores at most top schools.

However, this is far from enough. Based on the information you’ve given, these stats solely cannot get you accepted into any of the Ivy League schools unless you have incredible extracurriculars, activities, teacher recommendations, and many other factors, and it can come down to how memorable your essay is to admissions officers. Grades and test scores alone will not help you make the cut.

Additionally, your question of whether these stats are good enough for the Ivy League seem to mirror asking about whether there is some kind of cutoff. The answer is that these schools don’t have cutoffs for grades and test scores, but you should be aiming for all As (a few Bs are fine), 4s and 5s on the AP exams you take, and 33+ ACT/1500+ SAT - these are just my recommendations.

High stats are one of the normally necessary things to get into the most selective colleges, but are not by themselves sufficient to get into them.

the concept of “is it enough” doesn’t apply there. It’s not your state flagship you’re talking about.
Basically, you have to show you can do the work, academically. Then come ALL other criteria: essays, recommendations, impact in community, institutional needs.

Or, if you are open to Canadian top universities, they go by stats only.