Is a 30 a good starting point for a sophomore?

<p>So here's my situation. Last month I received my act results for the april 9th test. My composite was a 30, with the subscores: 29 english, 31 math, 28 reading (pitiful, but I'll take it), and 31 science. Currently, I'm a sophomore and only in advanced algebra for math, but next year I'll be in trig, ap chem, & college bio, so my score in science & math should improve. I took about 3 practice tests a month before to get a basic outline of the test. What I want to know is if I stand a chance of increasing my composite to around a 33-35 if I keep taking practice tests and working on my english/reading? My dream schools are WUSTL, Carleton, Oberlin, and UW Madison (small, rural school instate high school so it's almost expected to be in consideration). </p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Dude a 33 on the ACT, with high gpa of course, if plenty enough for the schools you've described.</p>

<p>the science section is less about knowledge about bio/chem and more about the ablility to read graphs and charts. And there's no trig more advanced than SOHCAHTOA. Your improvement will come from just being older and smarter than you were 6/8/10 months previous. I got a 32 last month (first time, Junior). You'll probably do as well as I did or better</p>