Is a bad freshman & sophmore year too much to overcome?

<p>Hello, I'm currently a junior hoping to attend a top 50 college; unfortunately, I did very poorly my first 2 years in high school. I have turned my attitude and grades around (worst case scenario: 4.0 GPA weighted and 2000 SAT). I do have a few EC that I am dedicated to and I believe the essay will be my strongest point. I want to study engineering at Stanford, UC Berkley, or Princeton (yeah right!).</p>

<p>So CC, do I have a chance? Even the slightest will make me happy.</p>

<p>What's yor class rank and SAT breakdown.</p>

Critical Reading 670<br>
Math 720<br>
Writing 610</p>

<p>I am planning to retake the SAT. I signed up for Kaplan SAT prep, and on my latest practice test, my math was 780 and my writing was 670.</p>

<p>Also, my class rank is 273/575 (this is with my current 3.4211 weighted GPA), but I expect it to increase significantly because I am taking almost all APs or honors courses.</p>

<p>NOTE: my school grades on a 7 point scale if that makes any difference</p>

<p>Well, there are two questions here: </p>

<p>1) Do you have a chance at a top 50 university? Yeah, absolutely. </p>

<p>2) Do you have a chance at Stanford, Berkeley, or Princeton? No, not with that class rank. To have even the barest of chances, you need to be at least in the top 25%, and to really have even the acceptance rate chance, you need to be in the top 10%. Unfortunately, I really don't see anyway that you can move up 130 spots in class rank, and certainly not the 220 spots that you would need for top 10%. Honestly, I think that an application to these schools would be a waste of time, although I never would tell someone not to follow their dreams. </p>

<p>So, I encourage you to expand your search, and realize that there are many great colleges--well beyond the top 50, although I do think that you can and should apply to some top 50 colleges--where you can be accepted and will get a great education.</p>

<p>Ok, I was expecting a similar answer. However, is it reasonable for me to do undergrad at N.C. State (which is close to home and relatively easy to get in to), and then transfer to a more prestigious engineering school for a masters degree?</p>

<p>They base class rank on your grades throughout your four years of high school? I am an international student in Canada.</p>