Is a CHSPE sufficient when applying?

<p>Okay so basically I'm bored with high school. I have good grades, I'm in advanced classes but there really isn't any reason for me to stay in high school. I want to go to a competitive university like Yale, UCB, or Oxford. But the thing is, my school doesn't have alot of ap classes and i've already taken all of those available. I've tried to talk to my counselor about it and there really isn't anything he could do. The point is, I want a decent chance at getting in, and I feel like not having taken 16 ap classes in high school is seriously going to hurt me.</p>

<p>So basically, I took the CHSPE and was wondering... Since I have good grades (currently a Junior, took the CHSPE bc I want to skip my senior year to study independently to take ap classes not available at my school), good gpa, etc. Would not technically having a high school diploma hurt my chances of getting into like Yale, UCB, or Oxford despite being a good student and having good standardized testing scores?</p>

<p>Bc I've gone onto all of their sites under their admission requirements and for none of them could I find an explictly stated remark concerning the need to possess a hs diploma. They only mention the regular SAT/ACT and Sub Test requirement. Is having a hs diploma requirement simply implied?</p>

<p>Cheers. :D</p>

<p>What is CHSPE? If you can't get much from your counselor I guess you're sort of taking a gap year early by what you're doing? Not having a diploma MAY hurt you, I'm not positive but not having 16 AP's will not, your app is evaluated in context of your school.</p>

<p>California High School Proficiency Exam. And yea I guess it is like a gap year. How do colleges look at taking one?</p>

<p>gap years kind of vary, if you do something really worthwhile, than it looks impressive (ie, SERIOUS volunteer stuff, like Peace Corps, or you self study a whole lot) is there any way you can negotiate w/ your counselor so you can graduate early or is this more of a you're dropping out of the public system to be home schooled for a year? Either is viable, just make sure you have something that shows more officially that you didn't decide to drop out because you're bored. UCB should like you since you're in state and goosd grades, etc, since you didn't post anything else can't spoeak for Yale and def not Oxford</p>