is a college GPA of 3.76 good enough to get me transfer to Stony Brook or Bing?

As the title, I’m currently a 2nd year student studying in farmingdale SUNY, with a cumulative GPA of 3.76 (weighted). I’m also not planning to submit my SAT and ACT since I do really bad on those when I was in high school.

I’m not familiar with what a weighted college GPA might confer, but generally a straight college GPA of 3.76 will be sufficient for strong consideration for transfer admission by Stony Brook and Binghamton.

Thanks for the reply, good to know that I have a chance. The weighted GPA is on a scale of 4 btw.

Your GPA appears to be weighted by course credits, which is common. If this is the case, you appear to be in good shape.

Yep that’s what I meant. Thanks for the reply again : )

Was admitted into Bing earlier this morning!

Congratulations, that is a wonderful achievement. If you get into the Brook, will you stay on the island or go upstate?

Great news! Congratulations!

Thanks guys! I got into Brook as well. I’m actually a bit struggling between these two, please feel free to give some suggestion.

Congratulations! @hyresw , both are excellent schools. It’s been a while since I’ve been to either university, but my impression is that Stony Brook has more of a commuter culture than Binghamton. Personally, having grown up on LI, I would choose Binghamton. However, the commuter culture might not matter to you, and you might prefer to come home when you can. It is a tough decision during the pandemic. Wishing you the best with your decision.

Thanks for the comment! I will really like to stay on campus for the coming semesters. However, the problem is that I haven’t got a chance to visit Binghamton in person, while I’ve visited Stony Brook before the pandemic. I think still need to know more about Bing before I make up my decision.

Some suggestions:
–Can you drive up to look at Binghamton (even if there are no in person tours)?
–Have you taken advantage of what admissions if offering online? Ex. virtual tour, chats with current students online, etc.
–Have you looked at the course catalogues from both schools and compared classes in your area of interest?
–You can also look at the two school newspapers online to try and get a sense of campus life.

Congratulations on your two wonderful acceptances! I’d probably choose Bing especially if you want the on-campus expereince but you can’t go wrong.

Nice suggestions! I’ve already registered for virtual tour in November for Bing weeks ago. Driving seems pretty impossible for me in current situation, since where I’m live is quite far from Bing; I did drove in and around Bing last year when I was going on a trip to Canada, though.

On the other hand, my interest goes toward the economy / science field(which Stony Brook is good at and I’m also accepted as a eco major), talking about some interest besides from academic fields, I will also like to take some classical music courses since I’ve been learning them from a young age and still practice quite a bit.

Another question, I actually don’t know if this matters, but Stony Brook Seems to have a much higher ranking worldwide than Binghamton (take Qs 2021 world ranking for ex., 373 vs. 800+) while they ranked similar inside US. I wonder is Binghamton missing some crucial criteria that I need to take into consideration?

Edit: after doing some more research , I found that Bing actually have pretty good business management school too. Now I’m really struggling between these two lol.