Is a computer science minor worth it?

<p>I'm a first year thinking of majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in business. At some point in my life, I'd like to be in the management side of chemical engineering or in finance. I found out that I only need 3 courses to complete a minor in computer science (i have a lot of transfer credits).
My question, is a computer science minor worth it? I like programming and my minor would focus on software development. I've also read that a cs minor is useful in finance and management jobs, is this true? Do industries like it if you have that minor?</p>

<p>A CS minor is probably the most useful minor you can have. It's definitely worth it, even more so if you enjoy programming. It adds a dimension to your CV/Resume that provides you with skills that many people don't have. I say do it.</p>

<p>Full disclosure: I am a CS/Bioinformatics major, so I'm biased.</p>

<p>I'd highly recommend it. Being computer savvy is a boost for pretty much any career. Also, if you have prior programming experience and enjoy that kind of thing it will probably be fairly easy.</p>