Is a double major in Political Science and Public Policy too redundant?

I am interested in pursuing a double major and thought public policy might work, however I am wondering if it is too redundant or if it would help getting a job such as a legislative aide or something along those lines in the political field? I do not want to do a economics double major, even though it seems to be the best for job prospects because it would impact my GPA too much and I plan on attending graduate school in the future. I am also considering philosophy, business, and history, but don’t know which (if any) would help me.

Had a whole answer written out and then realized that you are a college Junior. Honestly, it doesn’t matter that much- the internships you have done/will do over this year & next summer will matter much more.

What about starting a masters early instead of double major? Or data analysis courses/stats

My university offers a masters program that would be conjunct with my bachelors, so I would only be in school for another semester so it would be a good option. However, because I attend Arizona State I originally wanted to go to more of a prestigious university to get a master’s degree. I will look into it though! Thank you.

If you look at some entry level jobs for social scientists, you may see that a masters or some stats courses are sought, rather than a double major.
Do you have a mentor? Did you consider seeking a nomination to be a Junior Fellow in the School of Politics and Global Studies? Having a strong rec from faculty will help with grad school.

I initially wanted to get my master’s automatically after I graduated, but some people made it seem like a negative thing to do and that I should get job experience before I attempt a masters because I wanted to get a Masters of Public Policy, so I am not sure whether to get a masters straight afterwards or wait a bit. I currently do not have a mentor, but I will look into the program and see if any professors would nominate me.

@19na721 you have some good options. I agree with @collegemom3717 that your internships will be helpful.
I agree that work experience is often recommended before a Masters in Public Policy.

I think your decision hangs on so many factors unique to you- opportunity to get masters at ASU with just one more semester may lead to better jobs. Junior Fellows sounds helpful for grad school, too.

Unless the second major is an entirely unrelated field (e.g. one non quant, the other quant), a second major is not going to help with entry level jobs. Focus on internships or even volunteer opportunities to establish a network.

You could always frame this as a major in poli sci with an emphasis on public policy.

I agree, you need the actual experience and a mentor.

That double major is way past the point of diminishing returns. You can cover the same knowledge base (which is what employers will care about) without jumping through the double major hoops.

Since you’re considering business, how about the Data Analytics certificate that’s offered through the business school? You could take Political Statistics as your elective, and the data analysis and visualization content is the sort of practical skill set that could make your resume stand out.