Is a high school GPA of 94 competitive enough for Columbia?

<p>Is a high school GPA of 94 competitive enough for Columbia?</p>

<p>What does that translate to on a 4.0 scale?</p>

<p>It's fine. I had a 93 UW and got in. It won't keep you out but it wont guarantee you a spot.</p>

<p>If I'm correct in assuming that a 94 is equivalent to a 3.76 on a 4.0 scale, then it's quite on the low side for Columbia. As Marlon pointed out, it isn't an automatic rejection by any means, but you'll have to be stellar in all other areas to have a great chance.</p>

<p>There are so many other factors involved in admission to Columbia or any other top college. Consider the rigor of your curriculum, the prestige of your high school, your (I hate this term) "extracurricular activities," and your less tangible (but equally important) personal qualities. </p>

<p>If the adequacy of your GPA still concerns you, ask your guidance counselor about it. I know my school documents the colleges kids matriculated to and the GPA's they carried when they were accepted.</p>

<p>Ok thank u</p>

<p>If the information my high school told me is correct, a 94% is a 4.0.</p>

<p>According to them:
A+ (97.5 -100+% ): 4.3
A (93.5% - 97.49%): 4.0
A- (89.5%- 93.49%): 3.7</p>

<p>But they didn't average all grades to make a GPA, they averaged all grades for a particular class for a particular marking period; then they averaged those GPAs to calculate your cumulative GPA. (So it doesn't make a difference whether you get a 94 or a 97 for a marking period; they both mean the same thing)</p>

<p>@MarlonBrando, what exactly is a 93 at your school on a 4.0 scale? Is that like a couple of B's?</p>

<p>Yes, a 94 gpa is competitive for Columbia - but it takes more than a good gpa, as I am sure you know. Best of luck!</p>

<p>92-100 is an A at my school. 83-91 is a B. Not counting senior year, where I don't give a f%#*, I ended with a 90 in one course and an 86 in another, both non-major specific for me.</p>

<p>Oh ok. were you accepted to SEAS or CC?</p>

<p>Oh ok. were you accepted to SEAS or CC? </p>

<p>Also were those B's during a year that mattered a lot (like junior year) or freshman/sophomore year which don't matter nearly as much?</p>