is a laundry list of ECs better than nothing at all?

<p>So if you have a bunch of clubs that you're in, and actually have leadership positions in (president), is it good to list all of them in an attached resume, or should you just fill in what you're most passionate about in the provided space and just leave it at that?</p>

<p>Put your most important EC's that you have participated in the longest first and go down the list from there. A long list of various misc EC's might look a little disjointed, so be sure to mention, if possible, the EC's you are most passionate about in an essay.</p>

<p>I agree with Menloparkmom^^^^. I'd leave out clubs that are not important to you however. 5 clubs are better than 10, unless you have leadership positions. Colleges usually want to see focus, dedication, and leadership.</p>