Is a masters from UMUC in environmental management considered a joke?

Talking about University of Maryland University College

Employers tend to not like the colleges that are advertised on TV. Such as UMUC.

No, it is not a joke. It’s University of Maryland.

It is most certainly not the same as UMD. It’s viewed in the same light as any other online school - college in pajamas, phoenix, etc.

Yeah, but it’s held to a different standard than UoP. That’s a bogus comparison. It’s clearly not the same as the other UMD campuses, but it’s still a legitimate school with legitimate credentials that is far different than others which are online.

The question was if it is a joke. A similar degree from Phoenix would be a joke.

If you put University of Maryland on your resume (forego the UC) nobody will be the wiser as to what campus you attended, and furthermore, nobody will care. Now if you plan to go further, like a PhD, then yes it’s a joke. However, this school should never be mentioned in the same sentence as UOP. Unless that sentence says, “UM is light years better than UOP no matter the campus or program.” Best of luck…

It should also be noted that UMUC is egregiously expensive. Do your research before you commit.

It also depends on who is reviewing your job application

calling UMUC the same as Univ of Phoenix is ignorant.

UMUC has been around since the 1940’s. They are a legit school with the same accreditation as Univ of Maryland. They have PHD’s teaching their courses. Many who also teach at Univ of Maryland. But most importantly UMUC is a non-profit school.

the OP’s question is really a stupid one to begin with. Why would any masters degree from a legit school be a joke?