Is a music minor worth it?

So I am majoring in comp sci but I love music but my passion for it isn’t the same anymore so I decided to audition as a music minor. Like what does a music minor get you because it doesn’t get you any degree and I feel like I’ll be wasting my free time.

My D started off with a music minor but found it too time consuming, she really wants to keep up with her music for her own personal growth so now she takes a one credit private lesson class each semester .If she hadn’t auditioned for a music minor she would not be allowed to take these classes so it was worth it to her to go through the audition.

@3scoutsmom thank you for your response. I, now, have 15 credits (including my private lesson). Is she planning on taking winter or summer classes as well?

She didn’t take summer lesson classes this year because she had an overseas internship. I know she is registered for her private lesson class this fall which should be interesting since she hasn’t been able to touch her insturment all summer! As far as I know she plans to continue private lesson classes each semester though she doesn’t need the credit since she is not going for a minor.