Is a UC to CC to CSU transfer possible?

For many reasons, (financial, mental health, etc.) I want to leave UCSC and transfer to community college (LA Mission most likely or one in that system) at the end of the school year and complete sophomore year in a CC and then transfer to CSUN.

I was wondering if this was possible to do and still be in the same path for graduation in 4 years.

Also given that the reasons I want to leave are so strong i’m wondering if there was a way I could go into a CC for winter semester and how that would work given that I am currently in a quarter system.

I also want to know the best way to approach this topic with my parents. My sister was somewhat in the same boat and she ended up completing one semester in college and then dropping out and starting all over from scratch at community so I don’t know how to tell my parents that I will be doing the same because given that we are first gen students, I dont want to disappoint them especially when I can’t tell them how bad my mental health has gotten because I don’t want to burden them for lack of a better term with another daughter who needs professional help given that a a main phrase when applying to college from them was “you don’t have your sister’s issues, you can go anywhere near or far and we won’t have to be constantly worried about you”

tl:dr I want to leave UCSC at the end of freshman year (sooner if possible) do sophomore year at Los Angeles Mission College and after that year transfer to CSUN which is my local csu university. or possibly even Cal State LA. I am willing to attend summer classes and have a packed schedule if it keeps me on track. What are my best options here.

This should be posted in a CSU forum. This forum is for people wishing to transfer to a UC.

Yes, it is possible. You do need to plan your course selection to stay on track for your target school and major.