Is an Associates degree required for UC transfer?

I’m applying to a CCC and it asked me if I want to obtain an Associates degree and transfer or transfer without one. Which option should I select?

Not needed

It isn’t required but it is encouraged. It’ll look better and you’ll look like you are more serious in your education/getting your BA.

What do you need to do to get it? Like any extra steps?

You do not need an AA degree. You will not lose points without it. It is listed for one reason only: it’s simply another way to help assure you get your major requirements completed. But that can be accomplished BETTER via assist and/or transfer pathways. The drawback, which isn’t huge, is you need P.E., which most people don’t have time to take. No one I know got an AA degree and they got accepted. However, it’s an individual choice. So if it’s an inconvenience, don’t worry.

@Ohm888 what is p.e? And, what are the extra steps of getting an AA?

No. It takes longer for you to complete classes necessary for UC transfer application.

It is not neccessary but I still applied for one because it just happened that i qualified for it. If you want to transfer in your first year, or second year for STEM majors, you may not be able to comple Igetc, therefore you wouldnt qualify for an AA anyway.

P.E. is physical education, sports etc.
Although I need to amend. Like @coolweather said, if you were planning STEM and breadth, you’ll need more than P.E, so it will really slow you down.