Is an essay kind of about religion risky?

One of the questions is to discuss a meaningful conversation on a difficult topic.
While brainstorming the topic I came up with was a discussion with my dad about this semi-offensive joke one teacher made to my sister about our religion because he “didn’t know enough”. The focus of the essay is on me understanding that the reason behind this was ignorance and that instead of straight up reporting them, a better action would be to explain why it’s offensive or what the reality is.
I know we’re supposed to stay away from discussing religion but I was wondering if this is an exception or not. I really don’t focus on the religious side of it and mainly just talk about my eventual understanding that open discussion is a better first step.

This is an interesting one. Here is what I would say: just to sound as neutral as possible and talk less about the details of the religion itself and more about acceptance and understanding. Then widen that experience to acceptance and understanding in other areas (race, sexuality, gender identity, etc.). Good luck! If you have another topic that is equally good and you would like, then I would really recommend it since religion is touchy. ALSO: I would make sure that people who practice a different religion and then a person who is not religious at all reads it. This will make sure it doesn’t seem too “overbearing,” which is often the issue with essays about religion.

I think as long as you aren’t proselytizing an essay about religion is fine. Adcom’s don’t want to read an essay which could have been a sermon (which is presumably being delivered to other people of the same faith) but something that uses religion as a jumping off point seems fine to me.

Makes sense! Thank you!

I don’t think that it’s risky, it is unusual and interesting. The question is what exactly will you write.
If you will avoid your personal position and if there will be no judgment of religion in your essay, I think that’s okay