Is anatomy and physiology a difficult course to take in college?

Next semester I am taking anatomy and physiology and my academic advisor told me that it is the most difficult course to take. Is this true? What do the topics consist of? I go to a community college.

So much depends on the school and teacher, but generally A&P is indeed a very difficult subject that requires a tremendous amount of brute memorization. In many cases you will dissect an animal (a cat or fetal pig) and be required to find and name virtually every part of the anatomy on sight. Generally they will start by going through each of the body’s systems and learning the parts of the body and the functions of each. It is quite a difficult task for some…others who have had really good life science classes find it a bit easier, but almost all feel a bit overwhelmed with learning so many different terms.

I’m hopefully going to major in Nursing and it’s a required course also for the program, and I’m at a four year school. I am taking it over the summer at my local community college because my academic advisor said although it is a hard class to take anywhere, I’m better off taking it at a community college. It’s generally a hard class I’ve been told, no matter where you take it, but it may be more rigorous and challenging at a four year. Just make sure you register for a class with a good professor that will explain the material throughly and just study a lot. That’s the advice my sister gave me when she took the class. Good luck!

A&P in community college is so easy. It’s like taking A&P in high school. Taking A&P at a university is on another level though. Some schools have a full semester of anatomy followed by a full semester of physiology rather than A&P 1 and 2. University level physiology was the hardest class I ever took in my life.

My cousin took anatomy and physiology a while back, and she told me that it was hard. Most of the course deals with memorization, so if you are not good at memorization, then it could be a bumpy ride. Like the others have said, the level of difficulty depends on the professor and you. The professor could make the class easier or harder. You have to be willing to devote time to memorizing all the material repeatedly. What may benefit you is if you form a study group with fellow classmates.

It’s mostly memorization, but you get to use your body as a cheat sheet on the exams.