Is anybody else's HS like this?

Hi everybody! So my HS has a weird policy when it comes to AP and I was wondering if anybody’s hs is also like this.

So, at my HS, freshmen are allowed to take one (1) AP course, and Sophomores are allowed to take two (2). I know this is to make sure that we do not overstress ourselves. Is this the same for anybody else?

This is not uncommon. Most AP courses have prereq as well, which few 9th and 10th graders will have met.

Additionally, the courses typically offered to freshman and sophomores, like APHG and APWH, are courses many top colleges give no credit for. Because let’s be real- AP classes are supposed to be intro college courses. Most 13/14 year olds should not be taking college courses.

Our high school does not allow freshman to take any AP classes and sophomores can rarely take 1

ok… bcuz i was slightly disappointed when freshmen could only take AP HUGE or AP WH. Thanks!

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Our school lets them take the test as sophomores but not the formal class