Is anybody going here or thinking about going here

<p>I was accepted but it is my back up school.
I jus wanted to see if anybody else is thinkin of going here.</p>

<p>I was accepted EA, but it is my back up school too. I am considering going, but only for financial reasons. Salisbury accepted me into their Honors program, so if they give my good merit aid and none of my other schools do I will probably go here.</p>

<p>are either of you going? if not, why and if yes, why? where else have you applied?

<p>yea i decide not to go....i went on a vist and stayed overnight.....i jus could see my self staying there...even the kids that went there told me not to go there...its boring with not to much to do...i jus didn't like it but u should prob go vist for yourself</p>

<p>Does anyone have any comments about Salisbury's academic quality, student life, or even the beach?</p>

<p>I might recommend Salisbury for its Biology/Chesapeake studies program.</p>

<p>SU's most highly regarded programs are in education and business (undergrad and MBA). The school originated as one of the three state teacher's colleges (along with Towson and Frostburg).</p>

<p>Ocean City is ony 30 min away, explaining why some think SU means Surf U. </p>

<p>Div III athletics are extremely competitive -- lots of conference titles and several natl titles as well -- lacrosse, field hockey, etc. SU Lacrosse generally rules the town.</p>

<p>Admissions numbers are rising steadily. Tuition is a bargain, in-state and out.</p>

<p>how is the business program, opportunities for internship and study abroad?
I have read there has been trouble with town relationship, too much partying?
would you consider the academic standards to be high?
your overall opinion as a student........

<p>Nobody has touched this thread in over a year, but I felt obliged to comment since this is where I attended for undergrad. Salisbury is an excellent school for the price. It is not on the academic level of some elite institutions, but it has gotten much more difficult to get in. People now often get into schools like Maryland, Towson, UMBC, and Loyola, but get rejected from Salisbury. Not saying it is better or worse than those schools, but it is somewhat tough to get in now. I know a lot of of former classmates in their lat 20's, early 30's making six figure incomes. Career success has little to do with where you went to college. But most importantly I had a great time there.</p>

<p>They dropped the SAT/ACT requirement to get more URM's, even though there is a palace of a HBC just down the street(UMES). Its now pretty much a community college. Us Maryland residents get screwed again on the altar of PC. In a state thats 2:1 Dems:GOP, what else do you expect.</p>

<p>It really is sad.</p>