Is anyone else anxious...

<p>... about getting their scores back from the June ACT? I feel like I'm dieing on the inside. The first time I took it I got a 28 composite, but I took it again in June to try to at least get a little better score so I can maybe get into an honors program and get more scholarships. They don't post them online until June 28th and I'm finding it hard to wait and I'm wondering if anyone else is.</p>

<p>actually, if you go online to college board they post the scores online tomorrow morning, june 24th...not the 28th</p>

<p>Hope this relieves some of your anxiety</p>


<p>@lisa, 24th is for SAT not ACT</p>

<p>Me too....I took it in June as well and I'm having major anxiety because my family is giving me A LOT of pressure to do very well, like 33+ well. For me, the June test seemed easiest, I've taken the test 3 times counting the June one, but I'm still nervous.</p>

<p>I've only taken it twice. The first time in April and then in June. I would love a 30, but I'd be okay with a 29. I just kinda worry if I randomly just sucked and got lower than a 28. I'm pretty sure I would cry. And do they post the scores by midnight Sunday night/Monday morning? If they do I'm totally staying up until then lol</p>