Is anyone else surprised by their Critical Reading score?

<p>I have a question... after taking the March SAT, I read the CC Critical Reading thread and I was happy to see that all of my answers except for one matched up with the answers that were decided upon as correct in the thread. I was confident that I scored 780-800 because my all of my answers but one seemed to be accepted as the right answers. However, my score for this section was reported to be under 750. I'm very confused because I don't think I made four or five careless errors, and this would be the only thing that would account for my loss of points. Could this be a scoring error? Is anyone else feeling like I am?</p>

<p>Entirely agreed. I was pretty sure that I had -2 -ish. My score was a bit of a shocker. I got a 78 on junior psat, and 75 on soph psat... and apparently sat cr doesn't like to follow the trend.</p>

<p>I knew I had only gotten one wrong, plus a possible stupid mistake, and got an 800</p>

<p>But what you described happened to me on Writing. Maybe you bubbled in wrong? that would suck</p>

<p>I was really disappointed at my crit reading scores. I had scored a 730 on a practice test the night before, but I ended up with a 610. Not a good complement to 770 in math :(</p>

<p>Looks like I'll be testing in May now..</p>

<p>i thought also that i only got 1-2 wrong and then i got a 740. I belive a 740 is prolly 4 wrong.</p>

<p>I'm sort of the opposite.. So surprised by my 670 math, I thought I had only missed two :(</p>

<p>I was really surprised by my CR score too but it was the opposite. I felt like it was going to be a 620 or so, because it just felt crappy afterwards, but I got a 700? Weirdddd. I thought the CR was much harder than usual.</p>

<p>My score went down 70 points from a 590 to a 520 good thing my school super scores.</p>

<p>I was very surprised at mine. I scored in the low 700s, while doing a lot better in all the other sections, as well as on the practice tests I've taken. However, during the test I accidentally bubbled in a wrong section and had to transfer scores, so this may account for my drop (Yes, I know, I am an idiot! I don't know how I did this)</p>

<p>i am exact same situation as op. thought only one wrong, ended up with 730</p>

<p>i think the problem was that a lot of the "answers" that people offered up in the cr thread were wrong. some of them, such as "callous thoughtlessness" and "unknowable quantity," were blatantly wrong as i saw it. you have to be prepared to be wrong, and looking at that thread and patting yourselfon the back because some random kid's answer matched yours is not helping you very much.</p>

<p>Yeah CR is usually my best section, i got from 750-800 on the practices, then I go and get a 700 on this, even after getting like every question discussed on CC right. ***???</p>

<p>Exactly the same story! I got a 78 on PSAT critical reading, 700 on January, and 730 on March! My math score has consistently gone up 40 points each time from PSAT-Jan-March, whereas my Reading went -80, then +30 from that? I'm pretty confused about this, especially when I was getting 780-800s on practices as well.
As for writing, it's stayed completely even at 750. Fine.</p>

<p>same. i do consistentily well. checked my answers with those on this forum. knew i only got maybe 2-3 wrong for sure + possibly 2 or 3 carless mistakes? there's no way i got more than 6 wrong. just no way.</p>

<p>i ended up with a flipping 640. lower than everything else when i had expected it to be the highest.</p>

<p>What some students don't realize is that careless errors can hurt as much on the CR section as on the Math section. You may not characterize them as careless errors, but that's exactly what they are in many cases. One key to excelling in the CR section is to read every question carefully and scrutinize every answer choice (that means you should ALWAYS read through all 5 choices). Slow down when you are reading through the questions and answer choices. Your job is not only to defend the correct answer (or what you deem as the correct answer), but also to think of solid objections (i.e., disprove or rebut) to every incorrect answer. Of course, staying calm and controlling your nerves are another key to success on Test Day.</p>

<p>serioulsy about 3-4 q's WRONG can drop you from 800 to 740-750. which is prolly what happened in my case (I got 740),</p>