Is anyone else wondering why their account has not yet been credited?

<p>My husband arranged a few weeks ago to have this fall's tution payment sent to NYU by August 3rd. The money has been withdrawn from the account and according to the 529 account people it was sent to NYU. Each time I check the ebill, the full balance still appears. I am assuming that the check is there, but probably needs to be processed and this takes time. It's just hard to wait! Has anyone else had the same experience?</p>

<p>It is my understanding that the ebill is not in realtime and it gets sent to you once per month as long as there is a balance due, in other words, it is not automatically updated as soon as the payment is posted to the account. The only place that it remains in realtime and up to date is on Albert, that is suppose to be updated daily.</p>

<p>MilkandSugar: My daughter and I each checked on her electronic bursar account (she did this via her access to Albert ) and she also called the bursar's office. All they tell us to do is wait. This also happened last year, so I keep telling myself that in a few days it will be taken care of and that there is so much mail, they just haven't gotten to it yet, but it scares me to think that if the payment is not recorded by the 8/10 deadline, what's to stop them from unenrolling her in her classes? Sigh. I will have my husband investigate this via the 529 people and hope it gets resolved ASAP. Why does there need to be this type of stress? Paying the bill is stressful enough without having to sweat it out until it's finally credited to the account</p>


<p>NYU Bursar's office tends to be slow in real time to note any deposits or credits in a student account. My S overpaid on summer housing by around $700. I was fretting for awhile, maybe like a week or so, before I saw the bursar account updated to reflect the $700 in his account. NYU is not super fast to update, but they should be doing it within a week or so. So the check goes out on your end by 8/3 (actually cleared your bank or brokerage as of today) but it is 8/5. Give NYU up to one week or maybe less from 8/3.</p>

<p>Eventually, they do get it correct every time, though they really are not fast in documenting incoming checks and appropriate credit in the student account (my experience).</p>

<p>Also, you will have a record of the money going out from your end of things. Your D will not be unenrolled because of this. You have supporting documentation and you can speak to a supervisor at the Bursar's if you do not see the credit soon, within a week or so.</p>

<p>My issue is this: since they changed their Bursar ebill system, i have a negative balance from 2009 of 1800.00, which I never knew until now. That was the year, they kept sending me any over payments on the account only to bill me later for what was owed. I sent them a letter stating do not refund me any money until the entire semester is over. Well i guess they took me very seriously.hha. Now this year i will have a credit right away.</p>

<p>Thanks for your support Evolving. Actually, I think the payment was set up for NYU to receive the payment by 8/3 (not have it put in the mailbox 8/3). It's frustrating for the money to have been withdrawn the week of 7/25 and to have NYU still say they don't have it on 8/5! I know you are right that they will eventually credit it to her account, but it's frustrating while we wait. If by Monday it is not credited, I will definitely ask to speak to a supervisor and perhaps send them documentation that the money was sent. </p>

<p>It helps to know that others have had the same experience. I think we parents need to drink more! Ha :)</p>

<p>The Bursar FINALLY acknowledged receipt of our check that was cut and sent 7/28! That is a load off my mind :o) Did the U.S. mail take longer than it should have, or is the Bursar's office swamped with mail right now? Whatever the reason, at least my daughter's account is paid in full!</p>

<p>OHS1979, Whew, glad to hear that you have one less worry since your D's account was fully credited by NYU. That is a relief. Good for you!</p>

<p>I just paid S's balance in full today. I do not expect the student account to be revised to reflect today's payment in full for another week or so. But I did get an email confirming the payment, so I can use it in case I have any problems with S's bursar account.</p>

<p>However, I do not expect any problems. Sorry you had to agonize over it for close to 2 weeks. But glad to know everything turned out OK.</p>

<p>Now we can forget this for 4 1/2 months or so before the next bill. Haha, then it is crunch time again. I think S's decision not to go onto grad school or professional school for the time being is excellent from a financial perspective. Now I can count down, 3 semesters taken care of and 5 (or 6) more semesters to go. Same with you OHS. Start counting down! :)</p>

<p>Well, well, well. I see that NYU bursar's office already credited the electronic check payment made yesterday into S's account. Fastest credit I have ever experienced through NYU. Though the figures appear to be off. I sent around $30 more than is shown. I sent the balance NYU indicated with the bursar's bill. Now, somehow, with all that, S supposedly has a credit of $750. NYU's bursar system can be confusing. I have to sit down and add the numbers together again for myself. And, then, once again, call the bursars office to straighten out the numbers in the account.</p>

<p>Well, at least, we supposedly have a credit that NYU owes us!</p>

<p>Oops, looked at numbers again. The account shows a balance of $750 (we owe NYU) but shows $0 in the main summary page. NYU, you can be such an inefficient bureaucracy. Definitely will be on the phone this a.m. :(</p>

<p>Evolving: The fun just never ends!! Good thing we parents can vent this way on this forum. Without it, I think we'd all be having many more cocktails! I hope the discrepancy gets worked out soon. My next project is getting my younger daughter to prepare for her SATs. This is akin to hitting her (and myself) over the head with a brick! Ha :)
Have a good day!</p>

<p>OHS, The cocktail sounds really good today. I called and got the word,
"Your son's account is financially cleared."</p>

<p>Never mind the numbers that show we owe NYU money. Went around and around with the bursar office agent where she was trying to say not all of S's financial aid has shown up or been credited. NOT TRUE. The numbers I saw included everything in his FA package. Gawd! They can't even get figure out their own accounts.</p>

<p>Finally, I suggested that I call back when things are less "chaotic" on their end with the impending deadline for Fall 2011 tuition and fees payments.</p>

<p>So, hopefully, in a week, the numbers will be sorted out by the bursar office, so I do not have to go around and around with them on the numbers.</p>

<p>GL with your younger D and SATs (again for you as a parent, now that is cruel; I am now very happy I have only one child. Don't wanna go through the whole process again). You are a better person than myself to keep going on like this. GL to you too. Hope younger D comes around and does what she needs to do. If not, she may end up at a state school and that will actually be better FINANCIALLY.</p>

<p>You said it!! Fortunately she will only be a junior, so if the scores aren't great, she can do it another time or two. After NYU's tuition, a state school sounds good to me! Ha :)</p>

<p>I'm having the opposite issue. NYU has received my payment already a couple days ago... but my bank account doesn't show anything yet. lol</p>

<p>Haha, Vihzel,</p>

<p>May that be the case - your NYU bill paid but your bank account never shows the NYU deduction. :)</p>

<p>I just don't want to see my available money go <em>poof</em> lol</p>