Is Anyone Else's Scores Still Not Up??

<p>i can go on the site, but my scores are still NOT UP!!!</p>

<p>what happenedddddddddd</p>

<p>I can't get on the site. Havn't seen my scores. Been trying all day. It's 9:50 Pacific Time</p>

<p>u cheated on the test!!! haha</p>

<p>yea im in cali....maybe its like a west coast- we are behind- kind of thing?
at least i hope so</p>

<p>I live in San Diego. But I read somewhere else that someone from cali got their scores. Maybe I'm just permanantly banned from their site.</p>

<p>oh God i really just hope i didnt make a stupid mistake on the scantron and my score wasnt counted or something...........</p>

<p>Is this the first time collegeboard has been screwed up so badly?</p>

<p>jlaws30, I'm one of those people from Cali and got my scores this afternoon.</p>

<p>Would you like a cookie Bri? I just made some. They are very good. I eat my cookies with cold milk.</p>

<p>jlaws- that really did make me laugh :)</p>

<p>i duno wtf is up with CB, they really screwed my day</p>

<p>^^^ditto. Plus the Astros lost. <em>tears</em></p>

<p>Check it</p>

<p>"Due to exceptionally high traffic, is experiencing technical problems.</p>

<p>We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend returning to view your SAT scores later."</p>

<li><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/li>

<p>So did more people take the October SAT than ever? Honostly, what changed?</p>

<p>just got that, im bout to kill something</p>

<p>At least they admit that they suck wank. Better than a generic "Page not found"</p>

<p>their site cant handle my sexy scores</p>

<p>so im not the only one</p>


<p>I doubt I will be able to sleep until I see my scores. Which sucks.</p>

<p>well im right here ...someone to talk to :)</p>

<p>Minnesota resident here...I'm able to access the site, but there are no scores. :(</p>