Is anyone experienced with Boston U recommendations?

<p>I'm confused because the Common App has links for two recommendation forms which seem very academics-oriented, but when I called the school, they said one recommendation and were really vague about what kind of teacher to get it from. Could I just get two music teachers to send a letter, or would I need to find two academic subject teachers to fill out the form? </p>


<p>When my son applied to BU (2002 fall for 2003 admittance), he didn't use the common ap. He mailed it all (this was before online was the norm). He sent in three from his trumpet teacher, one from his youth orchestra director and one from his English teacher.</p>

<p>Also, BU was the only school to which he applied where the GC had to complete a recommendation. Is that still the case? If it is, make sure your kiddo gives the GC an information sheet about what he has done. The GC knew nothing about my kid's involvement in musical pursuits outside of school. If we hadn't given her an information sheet, she would NOT have had much to write.</p>

<p>Did you speak to someone in general admissions or at the CFA? You may get 2 different answers to this question. If I remember correctly we printed out the forms from the Common App and gave them to the teachers to fill out (our school did not have electronic ability) one academic subject, plus one from his school music director (could be considered academic or music) and one from his private music teacher. Since you have to choose to which school you apply, the people actually reviewing your file will be familiar with all the extras required for the CFA. They will be expecting a recommendation from your private teacher. I assume that the music or arts related stuff gets relayed to the music department. </p>

<p>BU has higher academic requirements than some other music programs so, IMO, you should make sure that there is one strong academic recommendation included in your file. The music professor that my S had a lesson with asked specifically about his grades and SAT's also. This will make you a much stronger candidate. They want to make sure that you will be able to handle the stronger academic requirements that BU has for it's BM degreee, at least 2 LA classes per semester in addition to all of the music classes. </p>

<p>Hope this was helpful. Good Luck.</p>

BM degreee, at least 2 LA classes per semester in addition to all of the music classes.


<p>When my son went there, it was 8 classes total. He took all in his first two years there except one. Two were waived because of his AP English Lit score. I don't think BU has a 16 course liberal arts requirement (which would be 2/semester).</p>

<p>But agreed...academics do count as the student also must get accepted to the university and needs to at least be "in the ball park" for admissions. If their audition is excellent, the music department can lobby on their behalf if they at least are close...or so we were told.</p>

<p>Aaah, thumper, you are right. I looked back at the BU Music strings performance requirements and it looks like the first year they require 2 LA classes each semester, including freshman writing, plus one each semester 2nd and 3rd year including a whole year of English Lit, but 4th year none. 32 LA credits total. I think it was that heavy load freshman year that made the big impression on my S. Hope I didn't scare anyone away from that great program. If they take generous AP or IB credits then that could definitely lighten the load. </p>

<p>That being said, they still look for strong academic students although they may be a bit more forgiving for a desirable candidate. Academics will also play a part in merit aid offered. </p>

<p>As it turns out, my S's schedule at his conservatory is not much different than that, and they will not accept any AP credit toward the Music degree, only toward a 2nd major or minor.</p>