Is anyone NOT going to admit weekend?

<p>I have a science olympiad state competition that weekend. :-(</p>

<p>And I really wanted to go too...</p>

<p>Yeah, I have SO too. I'm flying in Wednesday morning, doing some tours and stuff then, and then doing everything on Thursday and leaving Thursday night (redeye) to get back to Chicago so I can make the team's bus down to Urbana Champaign friday morning. I know that I won't get the full experience, but it is better than nothing.</p>

<p>I can't justify the expense.</p>

<p>I really want to go but my US visitor's visa is expired and the U.S. embassy in Trinidad is closed for the next two weeks until the end of the Summit of the Americas so there's no way I'm getting my visa before the 23rd. Ah well.</p>