Is anyone planning to attend UC Merced?

<p>I was curious, if anybody is considering to attened Merced this year?</p>

<p>No. I got in but I'm not going to go. For me, it's between UCSC and UCSB.</p>

<p>the reason I asked the question was becasue a lot of people applies it as their safety school and won't end up going there. Doesn't that mean that they will get way fewer people than they are expecting? Cause I can't find anyone who wants to go there? UC merced will be one empty place.</p>

<p>I applied there and go in, but like everybody else it was one of my safety school, and since I'm already into UCSD I won't be attending.</p>

<p>i also applied and got accepted, but because i got accepted to santa cruz i dont think i'll be going there...</p>

<p>im also waiting to hear from davis</p>

<p>most ppl in this site that applied probably wont go, but the lower applicants that got rejected from many uc's will probably be the ones attending
i applied, got accepted, but its either ucsd or berk for me...if i get into berk</p>

<p>if i get into ucb i probably wont go</p>

<p>see wat I mean. One empty place!</p>

<p>At this rate, the guys who actually go to Merced will have a whole appt. to themselves, instead of having 6 other students in there.
It will be cool to go to an empty college.
I got accepted but may (will) not go.</p>

<p>why would it be cool to goto an empty college, wouldn't you miss out on the whole college experience? UC Merced will have fewer students then my high school.</p>

<p>I think one person would have the whole apartment building all to him/herself. I think it be cool to go to an empty college with fewer people. It is a different kindda experience. It depends on what kindda person you are. I don't like big crowds. With fewer people, you would know everbody and it would feel like home, but that is just me talking.</p>

<p>I think with fewer people, it would feel like high school all over again. People would know too much about each other, drama will start, and I don't know about you guys but one reason I kinda want to go to college is cuz of the anonymity</p>

<p>similar_mindz: yes definitely. after going to small private schools my whole life, i'd go to a big state school with anonymity anyday (i'm going to ucsb! w00t w00t) over a small private again, or a state school like merced with relatively few people.</p>

<p>but one good thing about going to uc merced, you'll be in the first graduating class, that's pretty cool. and you can shape the direction of the school. you'll get a lot of attention from professors and admin. you get to vote for the mascot, etc</p>

<p>Most people I know applied (and got in) to Merced as a safety. However, there are some who are considering UCM (who are accepted to UC Davis, UCSB, and some even to UCSD) because of the nanobioengineering program.</p>

<p>winterpolaris: that's good to hear, merced needs some bright minds to start it off. those people can't go wrong, they'll get a lot of attention from professors, most of whom went to elite universities</p>

<p>Today I went to UCM. Nothing much there yet. It will definitely turn out very very good in 12-15 years. Students will stay on (construction site) campus but classes will be held on some base somewhere else. This is what the person over there told me. I think you must go there only if you are a civil engg. major (lots of hands-on work, just kidding), they might even help in the construction. There is nothing much just now, but all the guys who join this year would be able to say that they were the First batch of UCM.</p>

<p>merced doesn't have a civil engneering major, but you bring out a good point. it would be a good learning experience</p>

<p>yup i wont go for sure, someone can have my spot ^^</p>

<p>Who will? My goal is to find at least one person.</p>

<p>^ well my friend who had a very low gpa got in and hes going for sure</p>