Is AP Art History A Good Class To Take?

<p>I was considering taking AP Art History because I am really interested by the subject. But, I was worried colleges (Ivy Schools) would prefer to see another class, like AP Physics. So, should I take AP Art history, or AP Physics to impress colleges?</p>

<p>Do what you like in high school. Do not live your life based on what colleges will think. If you like a class, take it. And I really doubt colleges will look down upon AP Art History - it's not exactly a super easy AP. And I've heard countless Ivy graduates say something like "Follow your passions in [high] school, and the rest will fall in place." So yeah, don't worry.</p>

<p>I took AP Art History this past year and I found the class to be not only interesting, but relatively easy. The rigor of the course probably varies from high school to high school, but I took the course, received an A, and got a 4 on the AP exam (there were probably some things that I could have studied more thoroughly), but otherwise a great class.</p>

<p>In my opinion, however, I would think that colleges would find you challenging yourself more if you were to take AP Physics. Science, in my experience, was always harder for me than history. Take whichever course you think that you will excel in the best, and which course you think that you will gain the most out of.</p>

<p>AP Art History is a FANTASTIC course. I really enjoyed it. Though it was easily the hardest AP exam I took in high school and arguably the hardest AP I took in general, it was extremely interesting. I learned a lot of beneficial things from the course (much more than I expected before entering the class).</p>

<p>^ That's funny because I think the opposite. math/science always came easier to me. So, it depends on the person you are I guess.</p>