Is AP Comp Sci A considered too easy of a class

<p>I'm a junior and I'm taking 2 ap classes right now: APUSH and APCS. In my APCS class, we get no HW and play games for half the period, after we're finished the work. My question is, when colleges look at my junior year, will they think of APCS A in general as too "easy" of a class, and thus severely compromise on my perceived course rigor? They obviously won't know that our class specifically plays games too much and get no HW. Also I'm sure APCS is harder with some other teachers, since apparently our CS teacher does this in every class he teaches (I've heard he teaches the same way with Precalc and gives the class half a period of free time, which is obviously not the case in my Precalc class or that of any other teacher).</p>

<p>But back on topic, is my junior year considered too easy, and really hurt in college admissions and that I should've taken another AP such as Stat or Enviro in place of CS? I know I can't change my schedule, but It would be still nice to know. Also, how much will my senior year schedule help in my college admissions, since that schedule is MUCH more rigorous. (AP Calc AB, AP physics C Newtonian Mech., AP Physics c E and M, AP CompGov, and AP Spanish as well as honors chem and english).</p>