Is AP Psychology taken through APEX Learning Virtual School difficult?

Please let me know! Thank you.

Don’t know specifically about APEX learning but in general AP Psych is considered one of the easiest AP classes.

And level of difficulty will be relative to the classes you have taken already which you do not indicate here.

@happy1 In terms of humanities, I took a regular, unweighted Psychology class in the summer after 8th grade. I also took Pre-IB World History/Geography in 9th grade.

Colleges like to see grades in HIGH SCHOOL courses. They are not likely to be impressed at all with a grade from a lone online course. If your school offers AP psych, take it at school. If your school doesn’t offer it, and you really are interested in it, self study and take the test. Paying for an online AP course you don’t need, which colleges won’t care about, is a waste of money.