Is AP Spanish Lang worth it?

Hey guys, I’m currently a junior in HS. I was hoping to take AP Spanish Lang exam this year. I’m enrolled in Spanish 4, but I have talked to my teacher and she is willing to help since she also teaches AP Spanish. I was planning on self studying.

To be honest my Spanish skills are not that great. I’ve been taking it since 7th grade, and I’ve averaged a B in my classes. I’m really good at orals, and okay at listening. I suck at grammar though. I’m obviously not native in the language, and nobody around me is either. Although I never really gave Spanish any importance.

Along with AP Spanish I’ll be taking AP Psyc, college Chem, and college English. This is my first time taking an AP test, but not my first time taking a college class. I’ll also be studying for the ACT.

So I’m just wondering if I have a chance of scoring a 3 on the exam. Would it be worth it, or should I just take APUSH?

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

I was in Spanish 4 last year and took the AP exam. You should take it. Even if you get a 3, you will get credit at most universities. It has one of the highest pass rates, around 89%, so it’s worth it.