Is applying to CSUN as Undeclared going to lower my chances for admission?

Just wondering if applying Undeclared will lower my chances of getting accepted? Is it better to pick something I might be interested in and then change majors?

Applying Undeclared will not affect your admission chances but declaring a competitive/impacted major might be difficult later. What are your interests? Are you in the local admission area?

You are not locked into major upon admission. You can always change your major later although impacted majors have restrictions.

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Freshman Impaction describes the effect of major on frosh admission. However, the thresholds may change this year, depending on the applicant pool.

Changing into a major listed as impacted after enrolling may require another admission process.

Hi! Yes I’m local from the Palisades. Possibly interested in Marketing, Environmental Studies or Film, Television, and Media Studies.
Honestly if there was a gun to my head I wouldn’t be able to choose. Need the opportunity to explore them. I feel like the Core courses would support that. More worried if applying as UD would affect my chances…

Here is the local service area boundaries:

Cinema and Television Arts is an impacted major so if you have an interest, you might want to select this major on the application. You will still be taking many GE courses once you start, so you can explore different areas of interest.

Much easier to switch out of an impacted major than to switch in.

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